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It is possible that you receive generical messages from Orange about it. What happens if I still have some credit left over from my last top up when I top up with an Orange Holiday recharge?

Holiday SIM Card from Orange France in details

If you bought an Orange Holiday recharge, and you want to top up with another one: credit will accumulate for the purchase of the same recharge. For instance, if you have sold out your entire data mobile, but you still have 60 min to call, SMS, and you decide to complete with an Orange Holiday recharge.

Orange SIM card problem

You will have minutes to call, SMS and 5Gb of internet. What are the text messages received from Orange?

Joining Orange From Another Network

You will have 14days to use your offer. Dial for more details. If you want to keep using your Orange Holiday account, you need to top up. What SIM formats are there? The Orange Holiday SIM Card comes in triple format pre-cut into standard, micro and nano and is compatible with any device. The SIM Card is pre-activated, you just have to insert the SIM Card into your device and it will work right away, provided that your device is unlocked.

How do I register my phone line? If you do not register your line within 30 days after activation, your account will be permanently terminated and you will not be able to top up. I have registered my line but I am still receiving messages from Orange, why? That is completely normal. It takes about 10 days to register your line. Where can I find the numbers to enter on the identification page? SIM card number Phone line number. Can the validity period of my credit be activated outside Europe?

As the offer only operates in Europe, it is not possible to activate it outside Europe. My SIM Card is expired, is it possible to reactivate it? No, once the deadline of your SIM Card has passed, it is impossible for our technical services to reactivate it. Pay attention, do not mix up the validity of your line and the validity of your credit.

Your credit is valid for 14 days as soon as the activation of your SIM Card. Your line is valid for 1 month without registration. If you register online the validity period will be extended to 6 months extended by another 6 months for every top up. How long is my credit valid for?

Your line is valid for 1 month. If you want to keep using your line for more than 1 month, you will need to register online on topup. Once Orange receives this information, the line will be valid for 6 months and will need to be renewed every 6 months through a new top-up. How long is my line valid for?

If you want to keep using your line for more than 1 month, you need to send a copy of your ID and the form in the envelope provided by Orange. Once Orange has received the information, and the line is identified, it will be valid for 6 months and will be renewed for 6 months after each top-up. You can check your credit typing It is required for all transactions you perform on your Orange Money account.

Orange Customer Service: Contact Phone Numbers

You can modify it at any time:. To become an Orange Money agent, you need to send your request via email to insert the correct email address here or pay us a visit at the Orange Liberia Head Office located on the Capitol Bye Pass, Haile Selassie Avenue. As long as your SIM is not registered you will be able to receive calls but not make calls.

To top up, simply scratch away at the back of the card to discover the hidden code. E-Recharge: E-Recharge is a free, fast and secure way to purchase credits electronically. E-Recharge services are available at Orange Point of Sales Total gas station and other locations and booths across Monrovia and Liberia. Orange Money: Orange Money is one of the easiest ways to recharge your phone or buy an airtime for a friend. We often confuse megabits per second and MegaBytes, or gigabits per second and GigaBytes.

These are key Internet metrics measuring speed and volume. Orange has significantly invested in its mobile network by deploying 4G-LTE sites and fiber to connect the sites together and to the Internet.

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Thanks to these investments, customers can enjoy the highest mobile data speed in Liberia. However, the speed might vary depending on the quality of the coverage the indoor coverage is less powerful than outdoor , the number of customers concurrently using the same site, the type of usage they have, and the type of device the customer is using. Taking into account all these factors, the speed on the 4G network might vary between 5 mbps and 70 mbps, or even more. The speed on the 3G network might vary between 1 mbps and 10 mbps.

FAQs - Orange Money

To check your speed, you can download the most famous speed test application: speedtest by Ookla. If your speed is 40 mbps, and that you are downloading or uploading a heavy file video, photo in high resolution… , then you will consume 5 MB per second, hence MB per minute, which mean that 1 GB will be consumed in approximately 3 minutes and 20 seconds. These times are approximate, as file sizes and download speeds will vary. Orange endeavors to provide its subscribers the best coverage possible.

Expansion of Orange network in rural and urban areas is an ongoing process. We will keep our customers informed of any new expansion and availability of Orange services in the future. Our support significantly contributes to character building of young Liberian athletes through football programs that teach and encourage good sportsmanship, team work, hard work, honesty and integrity. As a general rule, the answer is yes except if a given campaign or promotion might have special terms and conditions. As a general rule, Orange campaigns are open to all customers except if a given campaign might have special terms and conditions.

The best way to solve any issue regarding your Orange services is to get in touch with Customer Care by dialing free of charge or chargeable. Orange SOS credit is an emergency credit offered to customers with a zero balance.

An SOS Credit offer is send to the customer subject to the customer having a zero balance and its credit history. For your convenience, reimbursement of Orange SOS credit is made over several recharges until full repayment.

Orange SOS data is an emergency data offered to customers with zero data and a balance credit less than 14 cents. An SOS Data can only be given if the customer has a zero data balance, main credit is less than 14 cents and if the customer does not owe any data credit.

SOS data offer is valid for 24 hours and payment is on next recharge. Customer is called by Kwese installation team SLA is 10 days who will come to install the service.

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The customer will have to show the receipt to the installer The service is available everywhere in Liberia since it is delivered via satellite technology. FAQs - Orange Money. What is Orange Money? Do I need a bank account to access Orange Money service? Do I need a minimum amount on my Orange Money account to perform transactions? What are the minimum and maximum balance on Orange Money account? Do I have to pay for servicing fees, registration fees for Orange Money account? I have a bank account Can I open an Orange Money account? Is it possible to use my airtime to purchase Orange Money?

What are the available services on Orange Money? The following services are available Money deposit Money transfer both to Orange and to non Orange customers Bill Payment Orange airtime top up Merchant Payment for goods and services Cash withdrawal. What advantages offer Orange Money transfer compared to already other existing money transfer services? Orange Money is more affordable, You reduce combined risks of theft and physical aggression linked to carrying cash You save time and money on transportation no cost linked to transportation to perform your payment transactions You can transfer small amounts You get confirmation via SMS that the beneficiary has received the money you sent them You have access to other functionalities and services What are the additional services and functionalities available on Orange Money?

How to register to Orange Money service? Do I need to change my telephone to access Orange Money service? No, you do not need to change your telephone to access Orange Money. How does Orange Money service work? Do I have to go to the shop or authorized Orange Money agent I registered into to perform Orange Money transactions money deposit or cash withdrawal?

Where can I find Orange money distribution partner? How to become a distribution partner? Is it possible to transfer money to subscribers who have not registered yet? What do I do if I make a mistake while transferring the money? I just did a transfer to my mother but it does not go through! Check that your mother's mobile number is Orange.

Check that you have not crossed the maximum amount Confirm that you have sufficient funds to transfer If everything is fine, please call from your Orange line ask for help. What happens if I do not receive a confirmation SMS after a transaction? Is my money safe? What happens if there is a problem on Orange Liberia network? How many times can I change my secret code? As many times, as you may wish.