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If both parties are able to agree on all issues, the court may issue a final divorce decree on or after the 92nd day after filing. If both parties are unable to agree on all the issues, they may be required to attend mediation.

Divorce in Colorado: Your Guide To Divorce Process in CO | Worthy

In addition, a contested hearing date may be set. Only after all issues have been settled will the court provide a final divorce decree.

The state of Colorado provides PDF files of essential divorce documents online, however, state law prohibits employees from providing legal advice. Parties with questions and concerns are encouraged to seek legal assistance. Many lawyers offer free consultations.

Couples with children may file for divorce jointly, or individuals may file for divorce on their own.

How to File for Divorce in Colorado

A notarized Return of Service serves as proof, and must be provided to the court. Besides these documents, divorcing parents must complete the Colorado Child Support Worksheet.

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The court may require parents to attend a status conference as well as parenting class. This requirement is assigned on a case by case basis; both spouses should check with the court to determine which procedures apply and how they should be carried out.

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If both spouses agree on all issues surrounding the divorce, then they will need to attend a final hearing. The court may issue a final divorce degree and support order as soon as the 92nd day after filing. If either party fails to agree on all issues, then mediation may be required, and the court may set a date for a Contested Hearing. All issues must be worked out before the final hearing can take place. The final divorce decree and support order may then be provided. Child custody may be legal, physical, or both.

In Colorado, child custody issues may be resolved by parents on their own. In cases where no agreement can be reached, the court will decide on arrangements that best benefit the child ren involved. If children are old enough, the court will allow them to provide input concerning custody arrangements. If a parent has a history of abusing or neglecting their children, or if they have a history of domestic violence, the court may order supervised visitation only. In some cases, abusive parents are not allowed visitation with their children. This basic fee does not cover additional petitions that take place during the divorce, nor does it cover the cost of legal counsel.

It is possible for both parties to agree on the division of property using the Separation Agreement JDF If an agreement cannot be reached, then it is up to the court to divide property. Marital property will be divided as the court sees fit. Considerations for property division include:. These individuals may be entitled to support called temporary alimony during the divorce procedures, based upon an income-based formula.

Long-term alimony is paid after a divorce is finalized. This is separate from child support, and the party receiving alimony must prove that they lack income, assets, or the wherewithal to become self-supporting and cover their living expenses. The court takes a number of factors into consideration when determining eligibility for alimony as well as the amount of alimony:. Colorado alimony is determined on a case-by-case basis.

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  • A knowledgeable lawyer is an essential resource in the event that alimony is owed or expected. Founded by celebrity divorce lawyer Laura A. Our platform takes the user through the entire dissolution process.

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    We provide information and support along the way through our content on our Insights Blog, the Divorce Sucks! Podcast and The Index, our curated professional and lifestyle resource guide. It is hoped the new fees will allow the counties to increase their services, and make earlier court dates more available. I've been very impressed with Harris Family Law through this whole process. With help from some great support resources, we are stable, happy, and moving forward to a great new life.

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    Colorado Divorce Guide

    Once my legal team stepped in, things rapidly began to change. After hiring my lawyer, I am certain that I made the right choice. Your fast responses to all of our questions and your concern for our situation really made us feel at ease. You have been nothing less than fantastic thank you so much and look forward to never having to work with you in the future - Nate. Our Clients You come to us for guidance, support and assistance at a trying time. We take this responsibility very seriously. You deserve a high level of service and excellent legal representation. We encourage growth while also promoting a collaborative working environment.

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