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The village was created using the Map Editor. A corpse is lying right next to the village.

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If you find, you're well This mod will add a new big island, created on the basis of original materials! File uploaded by: Rortinat. Innovations: - New ho The map is located in the sea, not far from the beach of Santa Monica.

The map has excellent HD textures, as w File uploaded by: Schrader. The mod adds a huge interior for the hospital of Los Santos. HQ Desert - countryn2.

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This vehicle differs from the normal Glendale, because all of its body panels, bumpers, and doors are dented. Its damages cannot be repaired by cheats or by visiting a Pay 'N' Spray. These damaged cars are nicknamed "beaters". Several of these beater Glendales spawn in the woods of Back O' Beyond.

However, they spawn on the side of a steep hill, which makes them slide to the bottom of the hill as soon as they spawn, making it appear as if they are driving by themselves. This phenomenon can be witnessed at any time in the location in Back O' Beyond. It is unknown if this is a glitch, or if game developers implemented this on purpose.

The exact location where these cars spawn is in Back O' Beyond, just south of two horseshoe-shaped rocks. One of the dented Glendales also spawns in the Angel Pine Junkyard. First 6 tags will be done in a mission Tagging Up Turf. Make sure you completely spray the tag: even if you get the on-screen message confirming sprayed tags BUT DON'T hear the "deep" sound - that means the tag haven't been completely sprayed. It takes about 10 spray cans to spray all tags.

Ghost Cars | GTA Myths Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They're all in San Fierro. Snapshot is a purple circle with white camera logo on it and it will come visible when you zoom in with your camera. At night you can see purple light emitting from it's location even without camera's zoom.

This makes snapshots unique collectable, since you need an item in your inventory to collect them. Zoom, Shoot, Collect.

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They're all in Las Venturas. Horseshoe 45 is located underground in a train tunnel.

Walkthroughs, FAQs, Guides and Maps

I personally recommend using a jetpack when collecting these ones. These ones are scattered all over the map.

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Oysters 28 and 29 will give you wanted level of 5 stars since they're in a military base. Make sure you have suitable vehicle to perform the jump, I recommend NRG Unique jumps are not, they're just for fun. Thanks to people who made it. It really help me. Oops my bad, you're right.