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It's old, but fine. Focuses a lot on sciences, but foes okay with humanities too. Great location and beautiful campus. They have done alot to improve student safety in recent years but there is still much to improve. The wifi lags sometimes, UWS has a reputation for being dicey or non-functioning. Very prestigious school that definitely opens more doors than a degree from other universities. They dont care about students though.

I'm a new student at the UofA and I personally already feel welcomed and a part of the community. While it'll take a while for me to not get lost, the campus feels alive and brimming with activities and events.

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Depression at UofA is a serious problem that they do their best to glaze over. The Professors are there for research, not teaching, but at least in the engineering department, they force the teachers to teach. This results in poor education, and unenthusiastic teachers. There are so many beautiful building on campus, I love walking around and taking it all in.

Science building is sleek and modern, and lab spaces are great.

Only complaint is they need more table and areas to study throughout campus, its hard to find one during the day, unless you're in a library. Needs more study spaces, more profs that actually care about teaching, and fewer profs that would rather just do research. They could stand to actually show some degree of empathy toward their students - especially in Engineering. Amazing school in the heart of one of the most under-rated cities in Canada.

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The people are great, the buildings are mostly beautiful and it doesn't get the credit it deserves as an amazing option for Canadian universities. Consistently rated in the top-5 Canadian universities. But in big classes, ensure ur profs know u by using their office hours-it helps u enjoy the course a lot when they clarify hard topics. This also motivates u 2 work harder, and ur uni class becomes more like ur HS class that u miss so much if ur like me.

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It's a great school, the wifi in Cameron usually sucks though. Public transit is really great since you get buses and the train going through here. I've only finished my first year so I'm sure my ratings will change as I get more experience throughout. Hard to get to know instructors and I never feel like I belong.

I miss high school's small classes. Only class I enjoyed after 2 years here so far was calculus in summer. Classes like this make me actually love this uni a bit. It's one of the centres of Edmonton, some great food in and around campus and the WiFi is wonderful. The only problem is some of the buildings desperately need a renovation.

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