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Child molestation in the first degree occurs when a person engages in sexual intercourse with another person younger than 12 or when a person causes another person younger than 18 to engage in sexual intercourse with a person under The perpetrator must be at least three years older than the victim. Child molestation in the second degree occurs under the same circumstances, but with a victim who is 12 or 13 years old. For a charge of child molestation in the third degree, the victim must be 14 or 15 years old and the perpetrator must be at least four years older than the victim.

What do the registration levels mean?

Sex crimes that do not involve intercourse are generally classified as indecent liberties. This is defined as engaging in sexual contact or causing the victim to engage in sexual contact with another person under the same conditions as a charge of second-degree rape.

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When force is used, this is a Class A felony. Washington developed one of the first sex offender registration programs in the U. Our attorneys regularly teach sex crimes defense to other lawyers at conferences and in-house trainings.

Why You Should Choose Mark Treyz for Your Tacoma Sex Crimes Case

We also have the training and experience to effectively interview child witnesses, assist our clients with complicated psychosexual evaluations, and to develop a defense strategy that achieves the best possible outcome for our clients. Our defense lawyers will make sure that any flaws in the allegations are exposed, and that your side of the story is told effectively and persuasively. Call us in Seattle, Washington at or email us for a free consultation. When you first discover that you are being investigated for sexual misconduct it is critical that you react appropriately and that you do not hurt yourself in this process.

We believe that a smart and proactive response to the investigation can often make a difference in whether charges are filed or not.

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Sometimes we recommend a specific issue polygraph examination to respond to an accusation. Other times we provide the investigating Detective or Agent with a written statement, and information about other witnesses that can help our client present their defense. While no suspect should ever talk to the police or any investigator alone and unprepared, at the Meryhew Law Group we do occasionally advise our clients to talk to the police. But only when they understand why they are having this conversation.

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Washington State Indecent Exposure Lawyers

In other cases, we recommend our clients begin a psychosexual evaluation and eventually treatment before charges are filed. Every case demands a tailored, specific and intelligent response at this stage, and at the Meryhew Law Group we are prepared to provide that representation. Internet Crimes Against Children are one of the fastest growing areas of prosecution in our practice. From stings to catch people interested in sexual contact with minors, to child pornography, sexting, and sexual online communications with minors, the Internet has opened a whole new world of ways to get in trouble, and for the authorities to arrest and prosecute people.

For many of our clients the Internet is a place for fantasy, escape, role-play and anonymity, or at least that is what they think. But the truth is that everything you do on the Internet, including where you visit, what you see, what your download, and what you share with others in words and images, is easily available to law enforcement.

Sex Offender Registration Removal Attorneys

Fighting these charges can be difficult as the forensic evidence of what has happened is typically available to the authorities. Or at least is seems that way.

Sex Crimes in Bremerton

But the truth is there are often defenses based on the way the police conducted their investigation, how they communicated, when they communicated, and what they said. Finding the flaws in the investigation and the evidence can be the key to significantly reduced charges. Sometimes the evidence of what happened is very clear and hard to dispute. In those cases, a strategy to mitigate the allegations, and to convince the Prosecutor that you are not the person they are afraid you might be, is the key to your defense.

At the Meryhew Law Group we know how to prepare you for the evaluations you will need, how to find the best treatment providers, and how to help you put your best foot forward. The fact that our clients have committed these offenses does not mean we are not able to get them very good resolutions of these cases, and just because you are charged with one of these offenses does not mean you should give up.

We know there is still plenty left to fight for and to achieve.

Sex Crimes Law Firm defending against Sexual Assault ChargesRodgers Kee Card & Strophy, P.S.

At the Meryhew Law Group we see a growing number of juveniles charged with sexual misconduct, and we have focused our representation on these youthful clients in recent years. Our juvenile clients are often charged with very serious offenses after being exposed to sexual behavior on their phones and by their friends and then seeking to try it out on younger children in their family or social sphere. For these young clients there is a path to treatment and probation, rather than incarceration, that can actually provide real benefits to the young person.

Improper investigation techniques, exaggeration or even false accusations can be proven.

When your freedom and good reputation are at stake, you need a forceful criminal defense attorney. Call our offices today or contact us online for immediate assistance if you are facing sex crime charges in Olympia, WA. Protecting your rights.

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A convicted defendant is usually required to register as a sexual offender. Reasons for these false accusations include: Lying about consensual sex Child custody disputes To gain financial advantage A conviction for a sex crime can cast a terrible shadow over the rest of your life and affect your future employment and housing opportunities.