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First an explanation of what port forwarding is and how port numbers work. Second a plan of steps with all the information about how to setup an IP camera and router to see the feed in the HomeWizard app.

What is port forwarding? (background)

Below you see a picture how a home network is connected through the internet. As you can see, the router is the 'switch' between your home network and the internet.

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All devices on a network communicate via an IP address. This is a number for a device, so another device on the same network can see that device.

On this way every router gets an oen IP address. With this, the router can communicate with other devices that are connected with the internet. Therefor we call the IP address of the router, and external IP address. The router itself sends other IP addresses to devices within your own home network. The MacBook on the picture gets the IP address We call this an internal IP address.

Within the home network, all the devices can communicate with those internal IP addresses with each other. For example it will be possible to see the camera pictures from you camera with IP address If you go outside and you take the MacBook with you, and you have internet connection via a different WiFi router or 3G, then it does not work anymore.

The IP address To have this work, you have to make sure that you refer to your own home network.

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Now you need your external IP address if you would like to do that. If you have an internet connection, you can communicate with your router via your external IP address, because that router in your home is directly connected with the internet. In this example the external IP address is If you are using that IP address in your browser, you have connection with your home router, but not with the specific device in your home, because the router does not know which device you would like to see.

SO, you have to tell your router to which device you would like to go. You can do this via 'port forwarding'.

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If you would like ot open an internet browser for example, that is another question than open Outlook. To seperate those different communicates with each other, every 'sort of communication' needs his own port.

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How do I set up my Foscam camera via the web interface?

These days, most of the time the communication goes through port This is a standard port to request a website via the HTTP protocol. You can make contact with an IP camera at the same way. If you are using the internal IP address of the IP camera on your home network, than you will make connection with port 80 automatically. Because the camera has his own 'webserver software' you will see a webpage with the camera feed and the settings. It is possible to setup cameras on different port number.

For example port Between this range there are no big functionality differences. If you now type your internal IP address in your browser, you will get no connection anymore. This is because standard you will make connection with port To declare that you would like to have connection with port , you have to fill in your browser: So, after the internal IP address, you need to use a colon.

After that, you will in the port number. Now you can also use the port numbers if you are not at home, to see the IP camera on your home network.

If you have more cameras, you need to give all cameras there own port number:. Think back about the situation that was clarified. You woul dlike to have a connection outside of your home with your camera. If you type your internal IP address in the browser, it will not work now. To fill in your external IP address in your browser, you could have access to your router, but this device does not know to which device you would like to go in your home network.

This is possible if you use your port number. The setting that you have to change in your router, is called 'port forwarding'. Actually, you are telling to your router that all the connection from outside, that would like to have connection with port , has to go to camera 1.


Each connection that is coming from port , should go to camera 2. If you have setting up this right, you can make connection from outside. IPCamLive can also broadcast the audio together with the video. IPCamLive can generate Time-lapse video clip s from the live video stream. IPCamLive can blur the motion port of the image in order to make the faces unrecagnizable on the video streams.

Protects your video stream against embedding on a foreign domain. Delayed live video broadcast in order to be able to interrupt the broadcast in case something happened. IPCamLive notifies you in case your camera cannot be connected. IP camera into web page in 5 minutes Easiest way to embed live video into your web page. Produce time-lapse clip on the fly Easiest way to create time-lapse video from your IP camera.

Servers around the world IPCamLive can broadcast live video for unlimited number of viewers.

How to view IP Cameras from a web browser / CCTV Camera World Knowledge Base

Free trial period 5 days long free trial without any commitment. Long time-lapse captures many days, weeks or even years into a couple of minutes long video. Daily time-lapse captures a whole day into a single 2 minute long video video clip. IPCamLive hosts your clips so you can easily embed the generated time-lapse videos to your webpage.

Audio support IPCamLive can also broadcast the audio together with the video.