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Department of Health. Probate Judge Film Collection Marriage certificates, ; marriage consents, ca. Probate Judge Film Collection Marriage record-journal, request for waiver of time limit before a marriage license is issued, no. Assessors Film Collection Vital records: marriage records, , birth and death records, , and corrections and delayed birth records, dates vary.

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Thank you! What Lawrence County, OH census records are available?

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  6. There are many types of census records for Lawrence County guide you in researching your family tree. Federal Population Schedules are available for , , , , , , free index , fragment , , , , , Lawrence Co.

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    Mortality Schedules can be found for , , and Industry and Agriculture can be obtained for , , and Union Veterans Schedules is available for One can find free online and printable census forms to help you with your research. Nancy had already lost her 1-year-old daughter Elizabeth in How did Nancy cope with the deaths of her children?

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    Was she frightened to discover she was pregnant in and again in ? How worried was she when John Peter went off to fight in the Civil War? The gap in her children between and makes me wonder. Did she have — and lose — another child in that time?

    Did she avoid getting pregnant, afraid that she would have to bury another child if she did? I have to admit that I just know the basics about Henry Kingery, my 3rd-great-grandfather.

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    He was born in Virginia in Yet researching Henry and his family has taught me a lot about being flexible with spelling. The surprising one to me is Kingra. Last week, I talked about my great-grandfather Linton Alfred Johnson. She and Linton married 11 June , also in Lawrence County. Warning: Genealogy tip coming up! You do this by 1 connecting your person with others and 2 looking at all of the records you can.

    How could I be sure that this Margaret was my Margaret? I could look for her with Linton and see who their children are. For example, the census lists Margaret with husband Linton and daughter Orpha.

    Family History of George DILLEY

    Looking at other records, I find Margaret listed in the Chillicothe, Ohio directory. Chillicothe is in Ross County, which is where she was in the census. This record leaves no doubt that this is the right one:. Johnson, widow of Linton A. He and his wife Elizabeth Jane had only been married for three years.

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    They had month-old son and Elizabeth Jane was pregnant with their second child. John probably saw his baby daughter before he left for his service with the rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Imagine what Jane as everyone called her went through. A young mother with a toddler and a brand new baby, and her husband is going off to war. What were the weeks like for her as she waited for John to return home? Did she get a letter when John was admitted to the hospital in January ? John stayed in the hospital in Nashville until March. Did Jane learn that he had been furloughed home because of his illness? Among the events:. How accurate was his memory? At least he had the month and the day right. Mary later married John C. The census lists her birthdate as September Other censuses are also consistent with a birth in late So when did John leave for service with the rd Ohio? There was often a delay between the time a man enrolled and when the regiment mustered in when it officially came together.